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Sage Leaf, Powder

Price: $10.00
Sage Leaf, Powder One Pound $10.00

Sage Leaf, Powder Half Pound $5.00

Sage Leaf, Powder 30mL 1:2 Tincture, with Cert. Alcohol $12.50

Sage Leaf, Powder 100mL 1:2 Tincture, with Cert. Alcohol $27.50

Sage Leaf, Powder 250mL 1:2 Tincture, with Cert. Alcohol $55.50

Sage Leaf, Powder 500mL 1:2 Tincture, with Cert. Alcohol $87.50

Sage Leaf, Powder 1L 1:2 Tincture, with Cert. Alcohol $160.00

Salvia officinalis


Properties and Uses: Can be used in ulcer formulas to decrease hypersecretions in stomach; it is antiseptic and diaphoretic to increase sweating in fevers and flues; will decrease lactation, not recommended for nursing mothers. Stimulates gastrointestinal tract, also stimulates central nervous system.

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C/S - Cut and Sifted
C.O. - Certified Organic
P.E. - Powdered Extract
W.C. - Wildcrafted


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Hippocrates said "Let your food be your medicine,
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